Measures types of measures avalaibles for deep renovation (total: 17 items)

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name actions id uuid measure category type subtype ETIM specific cost property 1
ROOF 5 90dcc548-ef7e-5b85-3213-7cf8a9342b5f
FACADE 6 05ff777e-8a6d-c432-fc5c-01af94a3be98
GLASS 7 22c737c2-e1a0-4784-9d01-6b56c44fc2de
FLOOR 8 fa4a317e-c17f-113c-3097-c61dfd5efa0a
BUILDING DETAILS 9 7c6cf794-e402-d9c1-d162-1b572ffa695b
VENTILATION 10 ef37615c-fe8e-aea9-a45f-6a0a77b523ba
SAVING ON TAP WATER 11 a9564fa7-674e-452f-cff6-25aab672936f
DELIVERY SYSTEM 12 70796efe-a25c-9b2c-e2b9-677b98f6dce2
SPACE HEATING AND TAP WATER 13 97b0e6be-efe3-9925-0b63-45bdfd3d1c24
SPACE HEATING AND TAP WATER (Collective) 14 c898c474-60b2-6450-fa0f-69699a9dbc54
COOLING 15 26a0fdad-859a-a977-bebc-562e79584166
SUN FLOW 16 39851882-23c5-2de6-cf52-7e1ade4fa6d9
ECONOMIC HOUSEHOLD EQUIPMENT 17 483e78a5-751c-bd72-f56d-d709ee8e2eb7
CHECK AND AFTER CARE 18 e4c351eb-df1a-d4e4-4ef7-27b3b5eb1b54
OTHERS 19 d2855385-3519-c932-8550-fe50b509e28f
ELECTRIC GENERATORS 20 2600bfc3-e269-36c9-0997-01a237de53eb
THERMAL GENERATORS 21 d1684104-9dfb-583b-85ec-4cdffbb663bb